With the ongoing investment and global expansion of off-site manufacturing and modular building techniques, alsecco have adapted their established products and technologies to seamlessly meet the design and technical demands of the pre-fabricated construction market.

Offering a broad spectrum of façade systems and interior finishes, alsecco are your ideal strategic partner to assist you developing and delivering your vision.

Vastly experienced with automated application techniques, our flexible interior and exterior products currently serve all sectors of off-site manufacturing. Volumetric, Modular, Panelised and Component, can all be individually or collectively addressed giving you total supply consistency and traceability regardless of project type.

Our in-house Research and Development facility, “The RMI Institute”, incessantly delivers an innovation pipeline that is heavily focused upon the pillars of off-site construction; Safety, Speed, Consistency and Creativity underpin our stage gate process and without satisfying all these needs, investment and development does not progress. 

Given the bespoke nature of most off-site requirements we don’t offer a list of products. We believe that with inherent formulation flexibility, most products can be modified to your suit needs.  However, with 125 years’ experience and a host of German engineering excellence and an unrivalled track record in supplying European modular construction, that statement is easy for us to make.    

Performance characteristics of alsecco off-site modified products currently in-use:

  • Viscosity optimised plasters, basecoats and adhesives for automated installed
  • Bespoke panelised stone and glass façade solutions for automated fabrication and install
  • Unitised brick panels – Insulated and non-insulated for automated fabrication and install
  • Spray conditioned, mist free interior and exterior paints and coatings

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