At alsecco UK we are not only concerned with supplying high quality façade systems but with supplying complete solutions for façade design and façade performance. alsecco UK Ltd is part of the owner-managed German DAW SE. Since 1895 the DAW SE is regarded as a pioneer in the field of innovative coating materials.

As the UK’s subsidiary of the DAW SE alsecco UK Ltd is distributing a number of DAW stalwart brands: alsecco, Lithodecor and Caparol. The brand alsecco is the specialist for External Wall Insulation systems with high quality and innovative systems for External Wall Insulation. alsecco also offers a versatile façade finish collection called Collection alsecco. The brand Lithodecor is the specialist for bespoke Rainscreen Cladding Systems featuring the Lithodecor Airtec system which provides great design flexibility for natural stone, glass, ceramic and glass ceramic facades.

Our key objective is to support you in identifying the finest match in both economics and appearance to find the façade solutions that suits your design and energy efficiency requirements. Get in touch!