Alsecco materials were successfully specified and installed on a new build Passivhaus project in Hackney London. Built on an urban infill site within a well know conservation area the project at Lansdowne Drive was designed by Tectonics Architects and handed over to the client to move into during April 2015.

Alsecco provided the external wall insulation with a clay brick slip finish to provide the structure with a stack-bond pattern masonry appearance at low level providing a clean and contemporary appearance. The alsecco external wall insulation system was chosen due to it having Passivhaus trust certification and it being a system which could eliminate any potential for cold bridging in the structure

Tectonics were the project architects who aimed to create a building based on simplicity, flexibility light and character.

A large open plan ‘Upper Ground floor’ forms the living area, with generous windows to the west and distant views across urban gardens. The site was also challenging in terms of environmental design as it is situated immediately to the North of a 4-storey Victorian terrace, and does not benefit from direct sun from the South.

The structure was prefabricated in Cross Laminated Timber, erected in 2 days - floors, walls and roof-, and insulated with wood fibre insulation, a key innovation of the project. Internally, the structural materials and their assembly are left exposed: from concrete or timber to galvanized conduits and ducts. This provides a rich sense of materiality to the interior spaces.

The project differed slightly from the norm as the architect owned the site, and applied for permission to build a new house.  It was developed into a Passivhaus after Planning was obtained, and, during construction, the parents-in-law of the architect decided to relocate from a period house in Kent to this modern building in London. The house now combines not only natural light and comfort with sustainability, but also exposed modern construction with antique furniture.

The architect Bernard Tulkens from Tectonics commented ‘I am delighted with the finished appearance of the products used and found the alsecco installer used helpful in dealing with any on-site challenges’.

The Managing Director of Alsecco (UK) Limited, Ben Parry added ‘We were very happy the project received the recognition it deserved at the recent Passivhaus Trust Awards. This will help instill the notion that building to Passivhaus standards are what the construction industry should aspire to’.

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