alsecco worked with the Council and SSE with planning in mind to offer either a white render finish or a  white/black Spar dash, dramatically improving the look of the properties from their original brown/grey dash finish. Alsecco’s external wall insulation system used on this scheme incorporates expanded polystyrene insulation as the core, giving proven thermal benefits. Both the render and spar dash finish are extremely robust and weatherproof ensuring on-going maintenance is kept to a minimum, backed by a 25 year guarantee.

The fact that the scheme has been run by the council with them visible throughout has given residents more confidence in the project and improved community engagement. The scheme has brought the community together on the estate with many adjoining properties choosing the same finish to aid with cohesion and general aesthetics for the neighbourhood.

A number of properties on the estate are owned by Leeds Federated Housing, and seeing the success and improved aesthetics of the scheme, this housing association is embarking on its own EWI installation projects across their housing stock on the estate.

With the assistance of Leeds Beckett University energy usage is being monitored in the two show homes, plus general discussions with the families as to the overall benefits.  The homeowners have already reported improved energy efficiencies and have noticed differences in the general living conditions in their homes, with the temperature being more comfortable with no nasty draughts or cold walls. They have also remarked that condensation that used to be a problem, has now disappeared.

More importantly they have reported around a 30% decrease in fuel usage, meaning lower heating costs, which they are really delighted about, plus they are pleased with the new look of their homes too.  Residents also reported that the process was smoothly run by the Council, alsecco and SSE and that they were able to live normally in their homes while the work was being carried out and that the work has been completed to a really high standard.

Sandy Rutherford, Programme Officer at Leeds City Council, commented, “This was a really interesting collaborative project for the council working with SSE and alsecco. As are the residents, we are also delighted with the new look of the homes and have heard that property prices have risen slightly due to the energy efficiency measure installed. As residents discussed the benefits of the external wall insulation and more properties were completed, there was a surge of sign-ups at the end of the project and we have around 40 homeowners on a waiting list, should more funding become available.”

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